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Rubber Moulds India

Landscaping Ideas: Choosing the best thickness for your Paving project!

Rubber Moulds India

Landscaping projects are full of decisions to be made and good choices made as challenging decisions mean the difference between success and failure. With the market being rich in diverse shapes and sizes of paving products, it is easy for your judgement to be clouded and to be confused. Here, Usha Rubbers Presents to you the best way to make decisions regarding the thickness of your pavers in your project. 

Thickness of paving blocks are affected by a wide variety of factors. The largest contributing factors are listed below. 

  • Load Requirement
    Load needed to be borne by the tiles play a huge role in your decision to choose the right thickness. Choosing the right materials to manufacture specialiesd tiles for this purpose is very important in this step. A block's ability to take an imposed load of 1700 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) is what is recommended by ASTM.
  • Temperature and Climate Factors
    The local availaibility of materials coupled with the temperatures and climate conditions prevaliining in your area may affect the quality and strength of your product. For the best mixing and chemical ratios suited for your region, contact Usha Rubbers!

  • Type of BedThe kind of bed on which the project is supposed to be carried out is important. Different kinds of soil have different kinds of resistance to erosion, water seepage and othe rfactors,. Make your decision wisely.?

After a thorough study of these factors, we can arrive at the following results. 

  • 25mm Thickness
    For walkways and light load bearing it is better to always choose 25mm Thickness paving blocks, also known as flooring tiles. They derive their strength from Interlock strength. They offer good designs but cannot bear heavy loads and prone to cracking if used under duress.
  • 60mm Thickness
    The most common, almost universally prefferred paving block size, 60mm Thickness Paver Blocks are the ideal choice for areas with heavy foot traffic. They are the ideal ratio in terms of strength and cost and therefore offer greater designs and wider variety in aesthetic value. They can also bear the load of most LMVs and LCVs without suffering breakage. 
  • 80mm Thickness
    Usually these pavers are used for heavier vehicular traffic areas. Place them ojn secure and safe beds and they offer a no nonsesne solution to traffic area coverage. Petrol Pumps, Gas Stations, Mall Parking Lots, all of these are ideal areas for 80mm Thickness Paving Blocks
  • 100mm Thickness
    The heavy duty specialists, these interlock pavers of this thickness ar eused in high load areas only. They offer great strength and are used to pave sections of docks, ports and loading areas in general that have heavy duty vehiclies with full loads, traversing over a long time. They require slightly different mixing ratios and prodction methods that are a specialty for Usha Rubbers. 

For the widest variety of Moulds in all these designs, contact Usha Rubbers and grow your business today!