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Research and Development

Rubber Moulds India

Managing to stay relevant with competition ended up as a worldwide challenge for SMEs and they are under the pressure of its stockholders. SMEs have now to get higher degree of performances all day everyday. In that difficult situation, the administration of R&D exercises is a key factor permitting accomplishment of future growth as they are inevitably leading toward an increase of the organization's knowledge, a better innovation capabilities and products and processes development. In other words, R&D is, as a fundamental process to bring advancement into your organization, a key strategic development factor for any SME wiling to operate worldwide.
Construction projects are mind boggling undertakings. Several reasons exist for this multifaceted nature including the need to coordinate numerous participants frequently comprising little and medium sized enterprises (SME), being a largely site-based industry and the degree of pro knowledge required.
The industry has failed to completely integrate technologies and processes from other sectors that can contribute to an improvement in performance and productivity, for example, in the nick of time delivery; partnering with suppliers; store network the executives; offsite manufacturing; and most recently advances in digital information and correspondence technologies. Despite its size and importance to the economy, the construction industry has not kept pace with other large industries in productivity improvement.
The Wet Cast Concrete Paving Block industry or the interlocking paver block industry however is a particularly unique case. While the construction industry has been witnessing frequent upswells and downtrends, the auxiliary construction industry has witnessed small growth year on year. In all developing economies, consumer preference dictates demand and the paver industry has been a mute witness to it. The proof of it is in the number of firms successfully opening up and doing business the world over. Usha Rubbers is proud to be a part of this miraculous journey into economic independence and success. One of the key factors that helps us to help you on this journey is our research and development.
All the products that Usha Rubbers manufactures is put through a rigorous research and development stage. Each idea that crystallizes, be it the patterns of the concrete blocks or each tessellated paver blocks design, each though is brought to life at Usha Rubbers and tested on three aspects, feasibility, structural strength and acceptability. Only once these three factors are satisfied, do we move onto the next stage or alpha testing.
In the Alpha Testing stage, we manufacture our products and become the first consumers of it. Rigorous testing is done to the plastic concrete paver moulds and rubber interlocking concrete moulds to see that it is able to survive and persevere through the harshest of test conditions. The chemicals and the machinery we manufacture too undergo the same testing. Our state of the art research lab is able to simulate a variety of weather conditions to ensure that you get the best output on each use.
Once the alpha testing is done and we are satisfied that each product will satisfy our consumer base, we begin with beta testing where a select few companies involved in the test process take the products into their premises, giving us constant feedback. We thrive on their valuable feedback and make changes as per the requirements. Once this is done, the products are finally ready for sale. And thats not even the final form.
Rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are put in place to ensure that each product coming off the Usha Rubbers factory line conforms to the highest standard there is. We also have certifications made for each of our products and also strength and resistance tests are done via independent and reliable laboratories to corroborate our results. Our ISO 9001-2015 certification was not earned in a day.
Each time you buy a product from Usha Rubbers, please know that it has been inspected and crafted with great love and attention at our factories so that you can experience first hand what true quality feels like.

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