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AtomTECH™ Plastic Moulds

1. Pure white for Pure quality – Made from 100% virgin Polypropylene.
2. Mirror finish and glazing smooth surface on finished products
3. Industry leading lifespan
4. Cost advantage, especially for shorter term requirements.
5. Vibration Transfer Technology – Evenly transfers vibrations effectively and efficiently – German Technology.
6. Structural integrity. no change in character or form during the production process
7. Special formula helps in retaining shape and structure even after years of use
8. Easily washable and colour interchangeable
9. Chamfered edges for preventing paver damage in transportation and handling
10. Highly tapered side walls and spacers for easy demoulding
11. Recyclable “grade 5” plastic
12. Heaviest and hardest in its class
13. Easy and speedy demoulding from moulds using our portable demoulding machine “typhoon” with 100% success rate
14. Shape retention and stops bulging. prevents deformation of mould
15. 100% flat bottom for easy movement of mould in vibro machines
16. Ambient heat resistance ( no change in mould size and structure upto 75 c ambient temperature )
17. Highly suitable for hot and cold climate
18. Works well even without the use of plywoods ( added cost benefit )
19. Mould designing and engineering done in Germany
20. Excellent finishing of pavers due to non-stick nature of the materials
21. Complements vibration. does not flex like other inferior brands